Lo Último Del Verano

(The last of the summer.)

We’ve just returned from a lovely late summer trip over to Spain.
We spent some time near Malaga and then had a little trip up to Seville.
Whilst there it was mum & aunty Gina’s birthday, we had no birthday cake so we used a baguette instead.
It was also the first time Min met her cousin Henry, Uncle J (Mum’s brother) & Aunty Pam.

FILM: Daniel Burdett (Dad)
MUSIC: Neusa Maria – Meditacao



Carry On Camping.

Minnie’s first camping trip. We headed down to the Isle of Wight along with cousin Alfie.

Thanks to Cosatto for fixing us up with a Supa Pushchair – we love it!
Check it out here http://www.cosatto.com/products/pushchairs/supa-pushchair/catwalk

FILM: Daniel Burdett (Dad)
STOP MOTION: Daniel & (Auntie) Emily Burdett
MUSIC: Anne Shilton – I’m Stepping Out With Memories Tonight / The Staves – In The Long Run