Carry On Camping.

Minnie’s first camping trip. We headed down to the Isle of Wight along with cousin Alfie.

Thanks to Cosatto for fixing us up with a Supa Pushchair – we love it!
Check it out here

FILM: Daniel Burdett (Dad)
STOP MOTION: Daniel & (Auntie) Emily Burdett
MUSIC: Anne Shilton – I’m Stepping Out With Memories Tonight / The Staves – In The Long Run

18 thoughts on “Carry On Camping.

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    • Ah great!
      It’s actually my first ever stop motion, despite being an absolute animation fanatic as a kid.
      It’s by no means sophisticated, I’m sure I could have excuted the whole thing a bit better, but I like it!
      Kind regards,
      ps. Blog Horn, woohoo!

  2. What a fantastic filmmaker you are. Such beautiful shorts of your gorgeous little Minnie! You’ll always be thankful for capturing every moment as the cliché is so true…time flies when you’re having fun!

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